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To see or not to see

May 2014


Want to create an unobstrusive look on your kitchen benchtop but don't like the look of a kitchen sink? Although you cannot integrate a kitchen sink like an integrated dishwasher behind a door panel, you can however opt for a sink with covers to conceal most part of the sink. Not only does this give a unique sleek look to the kitchen but also provides extra work area.

blanco black glass kitchen sink with cover chopping board

Kitchen sink with matching black glass tap landing and sliding cover.


smeg kitchen sink linear with silver sliding board cover

An ultra modern sink with Silver sliding cover/chopping board from Smeg. (Image by:


Are you open to open shelves?

Mar 2014


Most people prefer wall cabinets with doors in their kitchens however open shelves are perfect for frequently used items and displaying your favourite objects. Open shelves are also ideal for small kitchens as they create a less "boxed-in" look of the kitchen. Open shleves come in a variety of materials and designs: Stainless steel open shelves create a modern industrial look in a kitchen and traditional timber shelves for a country-syle kitchen. Kitchen open shelves can also be used together with wall cabinets harmoniously by simply not having doors on certain wall cabinets and should you want to change your mind later, you can simply put a door on to match with the rest of the wall cupboards.

kitchen open shelf cube ikea

Simple cabinet cubes mounted together to create a modern and tidy open shelf in the kitchen.


ikea kitchen timber wooden hand painted open shelf country style

A painted timber shelf in traditional style is perfect for a country-theme kitchen.


kitchen stainless steel open shelf ikea grundtal

A stainless steel open shelf creates an airy feeling in this small kitchen (Image by


kitchen open shelf open cabinet in colour  ikea metod

Open cabinets used among other wall cabinets give easy access to daily-used items and add a touch of colour in this contemporary kitchen (Image by


Beauty Isn't Skin Deep

Feb 2014

Due to its natural beauty timber kitchen benchtops / countertops have maintained its popularity throughout the years. Timber is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and provided that the timber is sourced from responsibly managed sustainable forests and not from illegally logged timber or wood from intact natural forests, it is an environmentally friendly choice of kitchen benchtop material. However, to further minimise impact on our environment, many kitchen manufacturers now offer timber veneer kitchen benchtops that have a top layer of hardwearing solid wood with a solid particleboard core. This reduces raw material used and impact on our environment while saving you money. Another advantage is that you can create a timber benchtop with thick edge without wasting our natural resources. Timber veneer benchtops are maintained the same way as with solid timber ones and can be sanded back to remove light scratches and marks.

Miele timber veneer thin layer kitchen counter benchtop counter top thick front edge

Timber veneer island benchtop with thick front edge (image by


ikea kitchen timber wood veneer countertop benchtop akerby karlby

Timber veneer benchtops have the look and feel of solid timber benchtops and are eonvironmentally friendly (Image by


Not a Fan of Kitchen Exhaust Fans?

Jan 2014

These days most people have rangehoods in their kitchens to take away cooking smell and grease, but most kitchen rangehoods or exhaust fans are mounted high on the wall or hanging from ceiling and can become quite a prominent feature in a kitchen. And if your kitchen has a breathtaking view, a bulky island rangehood that blocks the view is the last thing you want in your kitchen. To solve this you can either choose not to have a rangehood at all or a downdraft exhaust that is installed on benchtop. However, to make things simpler, a genius product that combines cooktop and rangehood in one unit is now available. The BORA Basic induction cooktop has four generous-sized induction cooking zones with a built-in exhaust. Installation is simple as only one cut-out is needed on benchtop and its compact design means you don't lose much storage space under the cooktop. Ducted and recirculating versions are both available to suit any kitchen requirements.

bora basic classic induction cooktop hob exhaust rangehood cooker hood

An all-in-one induction cooktop with built-in exhaust system from BORA (Image by


Add Some Colours to Your Life (and Your Kitchen)

Dec 2013

Stainless steel domestic appliances have been around since the 80's and have remained hugely popular since then but are you finding the lack of colour choices in kitchen appliances a bit frustrating? However many kitchen appliance manufacturers nowadays produce appliances not just in stainless steel, black or white but also in other colours to complement the latest kitchen decor. For example, leading German manufacturer Miele has introduced a new range of kitchen appliances in stainless steel, black, white and the new colour mink - a medium brown colour that coordinates with a range of kitchen designs from rustic country style to modern minimalist decor. On the other hand Italian brand Bertazzoni also manufactures their freestanding ovens in a range of colours including red, yellow and green. Also renowned Australian designer Marc Newson (whose designs include the famous Lookheed lounge chair featured in Madonna music video "Rain" and the limited-edition Atmos Clock for luxury watch company Jaeger LeCoultre) has designed a range of colourful appliances for well-known Italian manufacturer Smeg including ovens and cooktops.

miele oven brown mink microwave coffee espresso machine

Latest Miele mink (brown) kitchen appliances in a contemporary setting. (Image by


bertazzoni red cooker freestanding oven stove

The eye-catching Bertazzoni freestanding cooker from Italy comes in range of colours and is guaranteed to be the talking point of your kitchen. (Image by


smeg marc newson kitchen appliance oven cooktop hob rangehood colour yellow

The new Smeg range designed by Marc Newson will brighten up any kitchen. (Image by

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