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built-in kitchen door damper

Soft-closing hinges close kitchen cabinet doors slowly and silently.






door bumper

Like soft-closing hinges, kitchen door bumpers / dampers reduce noise of slamming kitchen doors and can be installed in an existing kitchen.








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black birch kitchen door

Mix and match doors to create your personal kitchen style.


Your choice of door determines the look of your kitchen so it’s best to look through many door samples. Viewing your chosen door on a 3-D drawing can help you visualise how your kitchen will look in real life.

3d kitchen drawing

3D drawings help you visualise your dream kitchen.


Kitchen doors come in a range of materials and designs. The following are the common types used in today's kitchens.



Economical and durable, laminate doors are easy to look after and come in a range of colours and patterns. Laminate doors can have matching laminate edges or either PVC or ABS edges (ABS is believed to be slightly more environmentally friendly than PVC). They can also have edges in other materials such as aluminium and timber. Rolled edged laminate doors are also popular because its design is easy to clean and safe with kids (less sharp corners to bump into).

high gloss laminate door in aluminium frame

High gloss laminate with aluminium edges.




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laminate door abs edge

laminate door timber edge

Laminate door with vertical post formed edges and horizontal ABS plastic edges.     Anthracite laminate with solid timber edges.


Solid Timber

Solid timber doors create a warm and cosy feeling in a kitchen and can suit both modern or country kitchen designs. They also tend to hide dents and scratches better than a plain coloured doors such as laminate and lacquered doors and can be sanded back and recoated when needed.

Solid timeber kitchen doors can be finished in clear finish to preserve the characteristics of natural timber or stained to create a certain colour effect without destroying the beauty of natural wood grain.

modern stained timber kitchen

A contemporary stained timber kitchen. (image by: Polly aka "Pollyq" @


ikea country timber kitchen

A country-style solid timber kitchen. (Image by: Vicky S)


timber rustic island kitchen

A spacious rustic-theme timber kitchen. (Image by: Roger Kirby)


Solid timber kitchen doors can be also be hand painted to create a unique kitchen with a little extra texture that is difficult to discern at a distance, but make for a more authentic and cosy homely feel up close, perfect for traditional design kitchens with country style.

country style hand painted kitchen shaker style door design

Hand painted Shaker style doors give this kitchen a classic country look.


Timber Veneer

Timber veneer is a thin layer of real wood stuck to a particleboard or medium density board to create a very smooth flat timber surface. Although you cannot create profiles in timber veneered doors as with solid timber doors, you can however, create patterns in timber veneered doors just by laying the timber grains in different directions.

timber veneer door

Ash timber veneer in chocolate-brown stain.


timber veneer glass door

Timber veneered doors with both horizontal and vertical timber grains and frosted glass doors (Image by "Splatgirl" @


Lacquered / Polyurethane

The main advantage of lacquered and polyurethane doors is that they can provide endless choices in colour and come in a range of finish options such as satin, matt and high gloss with high gloss finish being a popular choice. Both lacquered and polyurethane doors are easy to clean and will last a long time if care is taken. In Australia, polyurethane seems to be more popular than lacquered doors whilst in Europe, it's vice versa.

hi gloss lacquer door miele oven lacquer door

High gloss lacquered doors.


polyurethane door

A modern high-gloss polyurethane kitchen.


ultra modern high gloss polyurethane lacquered black kitchen bold statement

Black high gloss polyurethane kitchen with eye-catching stainless steel handles makes a bold statement.


Vinyl Wrapped / Vacuum Formed

Vinyl wrapped/ vacuum formed doors are vacuum bonded foil on a MDF substrate. This provides a seamless surface that is easy to clean and hygienic. They are also moisture and stain resistant, and come in a variety of finishes and patterns. Pay attention when used next to an oven as heat from the oven may sometimes damage the doors. A spacing strip or heat deflector around the oven can usually solve this problem.

vinyl wrap door

Easy-care vinyl wrapped doors.


vinyl wrapped / vacuum formed burgundy timber grain door

Vinyl wrapped / vacuum formed doors come in a huge range of colours and finishes such as high gloss timber-grained design shown here.




Glass doors are often used together with other doors in a kitchen to break up the "boxes" created by a row of solid cupboards. However there is no rule saying that you can't have your kitchen fitted entirely with glass doors. Glass doors are usually framed in either material that matches other doors in a kitchen or contrasting material and frameless glass doors are also available. Clear glass doors are perfect for displaying your favourite items while frosted glass doors and solid coloured glass doors provide privacy.

glass white kitchen door

A white kitchen with matching glass doors. (Image by: Maxine Sheppard aka "wanderer_by_trade" @


aluminum glass door

Aluminium framed frosted glass doors.


timber glass door

Clear glass door with stained solid pine timber frame.



glass drawer

An aluminium framed black glass drawer front is used here in this white kitchen as a design feature.


white glass kitchen

Aluminium framed white glass wall cupboards match well with the white base unit in a metallic frame. (Image by Lisa D aka "lilou_2006" @


Stainless Steel

stainless steel kitchen cabinet door stainless steel splashback back splash rangehood hob

Apart from its modern industrial look, stainless steel doors are hygienic and durable and can withstand heat and many chemicals. You can have your entire kitchen fitted with stainless steel doors to create an industrial look. Alternatively, you can mix stainless steel doors with other doors to create a special effect. Stainless steel doors can show finger marks easily but special stainless steel cleaners are available to eliminate fingermarks.

stainless steel kitchen doors

Stainless steel doors are hygienic but can show scratches and fingermarks easily.


stainless steel door with stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel doors are perfect match for stainless steel appliances.


mixed kitchen door

The "cold" stainless steel drawers and appliances mix well with the "warm" timber veneered doors. (Image by: Cathy Bel aka "10409" @


stainless steel drawer

Stainless steel drawers are ideal around the cooker for its resistance to heat. (Image by: Joanne Wright aka "jwright" @




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