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Shelf with built in light

Open shelves with built-in light provide downward light on countertop as well as upward light to highlight your favourite objects, plus storage space!









kitchen glass wall cabinet with built in integrated light in bottom shelf

A wall cabinet with built-in light in bottom shelf simplifies installation and provides light both inside and outside the cabinet.







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red kitchen lighting task light mood light ikea

Lighting can create an amazing effect in a kitchen. (Image by: A. Fischer aka "albertsok" @


Natural light is the best form of lighting, there are many benefits to reap from natural light in the kitchen and best of all, it's free.

Lighting is generally divided into three types: general lighting, task lighting and mood lighting.

General lighting is usually mounted on the ceiling to provide uniform lighting in the kitchen.

kitchen lighting with different function ikea

Diiferent lighting has different functions in a kitchen.


In many cases general lighting may not be adequate for activities such as cooking and washing up resulting in shadows. Task lighting however, provides concentrated and direct lighting for such activities minus the shadows.

undercupboard light

Under cupboard light eliminates shadows on the work bench.


under cupboard downlight

Undercupboard downlights provide light on worktops while glass splashbacks reflect the light further more to create an ideal working environment.


pantry lighting

Lighting for deep corner pantries- light comes on automatically when the pantry door is opened.


rangehood light

Adequate cooktop lighting is essential for cooking. (Image by: Sean aka "glida" @


over counter light

Over counter pendant lamps provide generous light on work bench and sink. (Image by: Stine Weirsøe @


led under cupboard light

Long-lived LED undercupboard lights generate very little heat and comsume little power.


Mood lighting is used to highlight certain features of a room such as sculptures and pictures and/or to create a warm atmosphere in the room. This type of lighting is usually softer than task lighting and smaller in size.

picture lighting

A wall spotlight highlights the texture of an oil painting.


kitchen bar lighting

Under counter lighting creates a dramatic effect.


kitchen mood lighting

Frosted glass cabinet lights and soft pendant lights over a kitchen island create a warm and comfortable environment.


glass coupboard light

Lighting inside frosted glass cupboards creates soft light with silhouette effects in the cupboard. (Image by: Rod Randle aka "pixelfan" @


kitchen glass wall cabinet with built in integrated light ikea ULRIKSDAL oak

Glass wall cabinets with integrated lights in bottom shelves create a dramatic effect both inside and outside the cabinets.






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