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wine glass holder

Wine glass holders mounted on wall or under wall cabinets can safely store your wine glasses without sacrificing any cupboard space.







stainless steel open shelf for oven cooktop

Stainless steel shelves next to an oven are perfect for pots and pans and other accessories. (Image by: B. Wolska)









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Storage & Accessories

glass pantry

(Image by: Splatgirl @

Plan storage space for items near where you'll use them. For example, deep drawers near the cooktop/hob are excellent for storing pots and pans and cutlery drawers near the dishwasher are handy for quickly unloading the dishwasher.

Open shelves are ideal for frequently used items or displaying your favourite objects. They also give the kitchen a feeling of airiness and can make a small kitchen look less “boxed in”.

To display your delicate fine china in your kitchen, place them in a glass cupboard rather than on an open shelf to protect them from grease and dust.


floating shelf

Floating shelves open up a kitchen.


stainless steel shelf

Open shelves give easy access to frequently used items. (Image by: Splatgirl @


floating shelf with light

A long floating shelf with built-in light creates a minimalist design in this kitchen.


color shelf

Use open shelves to display your favourite items. (Image by: "supershoppertoo" @


glass cupboard

Glass cabinets display and protect delicate items. (Image by: carolyn aka "demicent" @


A walk-in pantry would be ideal if space is ample. Shelves should not be too deep in a pantry as items at the back will be hard to find: shallow shelves give an overview of everything. If space is limited, a pull-out pantry may be ideal. It provides ample storage space and easy access to the content without taking up too much space and can be as narrow as 30cm so it is perfect for small kitchens.

pull out pantry

A pull-out pantry allows easy access from both sides.


pantry lighting

Adequate lighting is essential in a deep pantry.


Drawers are perfect for storing all sorts of items from crockery to dry grocery, they allow you to find things easily. Drawers with fully-extending runners give full view of the contents as well as making maximum use of space. Many drawers can be fitted with soft-closing dampers to stop any slamming.

full extension drawer

A fully extending drawer gives full view of its contents. (Image By: Joanne Wright aka"JWright" @


Blum soft closing drawer runner

Drawers fitted with soft-closing runners.


A range of drawer inserts and organizers are also available to keep your kitchen drawers tidy. For example, plates can be stored in a drawer in a specially designed plate holder to keep them in place and to make handling easier and drawer inserts can be used to hold items securely.

deep drawer with insert

Drawers with adjustable dividers.


plate holder

Adjustable plate holders can be taken straight from drawer to table.


A cutlery tray is essential in keeping your cutlery organised in a drawer. If planning to store your cooking knives in a drawer, put them in a dedicated knife holder to prevent the blades from getting blunt. Alternatively, they can be placed in a knife block or on a magnetic knife strip mounted on the wall.

knife tray

A knife holder keeps knives safely and securely in a drawer.


magnetic knife holder

A wall mounted magnetic knife strip.



Adjustable cutlery dividers are useful for storing awkwardly-shaped utensils. Alternatively, you can hang utensils on the wall, preferably near the stove.

cutlery divider

Adjustable cutlery dividers


utensil rail

A handy utensil rail near a hob. (image by Lasse aka "las" @


lazy susan

Lazy susans give easy access to hard-to-reach spaces in corner cabinets.


Lazy susans in corner cabinets give easy access to the otherwise hard-to-reach space.

To make things easy to reach, store frequently-used items between your knee height and eye level.

Install drawers behind kickboards to utilise this wasted space in the kitchen. These drawers are handy for storing large items such as platters and baking trays and rarely used items.

plinth drawer

Plinth drawers maximise storage space and are perfect for bulky items.


A wall rail system is a great way to utilize the often wasted wall space above the benchtop. Things such as kitchen utensils, paper towel holders, dish drainers, spice racks, wine glasses and knife holders can easily be hung onto the rail. You can move them anywhere you like and can add or remove items as your needs change.

wall storage

A wall rail system with accessories.


indoor kitchen greenhouse vertical herb garden on wall

Empty wall spaces in a kitchen can not only be used for storage but also decoration and other purposes. In this kitchen, the wall space is used to create an indoor kitchen greenhouse by hanging herb pots on the wall. Combining this with ample amount of sunlight creates an earthy country feel in the kitchen.


If planning a wine rack in a kitchen, place it away from any heat sources such as ovens and dishwashers since the heat can ruin your wine. For serious wine lovers, a dedicated temperature and humidity-controlled wine cabinet is a preferred option.

A pull-out wire basket under the sink gives you easy access to cleaning products. The wire basket also helps sponges and dish brushes dry better by letting air circulate around them. A pull-out tea towel rail under the sink is also handy for hanging tea towels out of sight.

sink pull out basket

A pull-out basket maximises space under the sink.


Install a multi-bin system under or near your sink to sort out different kinds of recyclable waste on the spot.

recyling bin

Recycling bin system that slides out automatically when the door is opened and a handy large wire basket above for recycling newspaper and cardboard.









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Budget Handles  




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